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As a Lumi Expert, you can bring your packaging experience to brands who are looking to update their packaging suite, create innovative designs, and make their supply chain more sustainable.
Go from sketches and specs to purchase orders, all in the Lumi platform.
Packaging engineering
Graphic design
Industrial design
Supplier sourcing
Sustainability consulting
Prepress design
Production and logistics

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A streamlined workflow with seamless deliverables

Deliverables are shared in the platform so they don’t get lost in email attachments. Reduce margins of error with a single source of truth.

Make informed supplier recommendations

Confidently recommend the best supplier for each project based on scorecards and capabilities in the supplier directory.

Follow through, from dieline to delivery

Skip the game of telephone and communicate directly with your clients and suppliers in Lumi.

Elysium Dôen Rigid Box Native Clear Folding Boxes and Folding Carton Inserts Zuma Folding Carton

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Documentation for workflow and packaging specifications in the Operating Manual.

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