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Lumi for 3PLs

Partner with the leading packaging platform for ecommerce.

Your clients and their suppliers are already on Lumi

Ecommerce retailers on Lumi have shipped billions of orders using hundreds of fulfillment centers in the United States. Including yours.
If you are working with ecommerce retailers, you have received product from one of the 3,700+ suppliers on Lumi.
“Partnering with Lumi has been one of the best strategic decisions we’ve made. They have developed an excellent model for clients and suppliers.”
Tony Chervinko, GM of The Royal Group

Unlock deeper relationships with new and existing clients

Streamline deliveries

Ensure that clients' goods arrive correctly by sharing your ASN and palletization requirements directly with suppliers.

Simplify custom packaging

Make it easy for your clients to access custom packaging from your preferred vendors, and manufacturers near your warehouses.

Virtualize VMI

With Lumi Sync, you can securely pass inventory levels of specific items, so suppliers can keep them in stock without the need for in-person visits.

Receive qualified referrals

Retailers of all sizes are looking for modern fulfillment partners. As a Lumi Partner you'll receive featured placement in the directory, and have the ability to manage your profile.

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