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Decisions get better with data.

How many boxes did we use last Q4?

Analytics in Lumi help you break down your spending and order quantities across packaging categories to better understand your usage. Uncover seasonal patterns, validate strategic changes, and project your needs.

How much are we spending on tooling?

Lumi gives you transparency into the unbundled costs of your packaging, helping you assess your relative spending on product unit costs, freight costs, tooling, production fees and services, so you can make better decisions.

Billing categories

How did we distribute order volume across our DCs last year?

Understand how your packaging shipments are being distributed across your locations. Track packaging consumption at your warehouses, 3PLs, and distribution centers over time.

How competitive is my current pricing?

Lumi's Marketplace Price History provides a clear view of packaging price trends over time, empowering you to make informed decisions on product unit costs, supplier competitiveness, and design optimization for a smarter, more cost-effective packaging supply chain.

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