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Collaborate more efficiently with your suppliers

Give all your suppliers a single way to keep you up to date

Lumi brings your supply chain out of siloed emails, scattered spreadsheets, and into a single collaborative workspace. 

Invite your suppliers to communicate and share updates with you in a consistent way.

Your specs, orders, invoices, payments are consolidated. Every file and message is preserved so that you can make decisions more quickly and preserve the historical context behind them.


Bring structure and consistency to how suppliers communicate with you

Quotes, dielines, artwork, POs, invoices, BOLs, proof of delivery, every file is organized by your suppliers in Lumi so you can always find important information.

Get your whole team on the same page

With Lumi your whole team can be aligned on what's happening with your supply chain. 

Make it easy for other members of your team to help you approve proofs, review samples, make payments, and analyze supply chain data.


Get notified of status changes, messages, and important updates

Stay on top of projects, production updatesshipments, and invoices with notifications that keep you and your team up to date. As your team grows and changes, Lumi remains your source of truth across manufacturing projects.

Keep projects moving while you're on the go, with mobile-optimized features for supply chain management.

Start your first project in minutes.

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