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Collaborative quote requests

When companies order a piece of custom packaging for the first time, it can be hard to know all the specs and structural details required for their design. Now, suppliers can help bring those specs to the finish line.

  • Companies ordering a custom packaging piece for the first time can request a quote, even without completed specs. They just need to fill in information about the type of packaging, use case, and a few other details. Collaborative specs for customers.
  • Suppliers will see these opportunities tagged as Needs development and be able to suggest specs based on the information provided. Collaborative specs for suppliers.

Advanced Supplier Filters on Quote Requests

These new filters will reduce the time you spend sifting through quotes, and help you find the best-fit faster:

  • Prevent specific suppliers from viewing your request if, for example, you've worked with them in the past or if you're requoting with them currently.
  • Set a maximum supplier distance from your delivery location to optimize your shipping costs and transit time.
  • Narrow in on suppliers in specific countries or states to optimize your shipping costs and transit time.

Your quote request will only go out to specific suppliers you select and suppliers that meet all your advanced filter criteria. You'll find these new Advanced Filters in the Suppliers section of quote requests.

💡 Tip: As you add more filters, the supplier count in the top right of the quote request page will change.

Fixes and updates for all Lumi users

  • Smoother file uploads: We've made several updates to file uploads for easier viewing including the option of Chinese characters in file names and the capability to preview files before downloading.
  • Invoices will no longer have a "Payment Scheduled" status if they are set to be auto paid. They will be "Outstanding" or "Overdue" depending on their due date. Any scheduled payments can be viewed directly on the invoice.
  • Faster loading suppliers and locations: The list of your locations and suppliers will load much faster.

Fixes and updates for customers

  • Custom Lumi ID button color: When you customize colors on your Lumi ID settings, now the search button on the recycling details will also be updated with your selected color.
  • If an order is declined, you'll no longer see "Requires proof" on that order.
  • We corrected the item count and total value for orders on supplier details pages.

Fixes and updates for suppliers

  • When you click on a fulfillment, you can now click "Proof of Delivery" to see the uploaded document.

    Fixes and updates for all Lumi users

    • Invoices upon fulfillment: Now, suppliers have the option to trigger invoices upon fulfillment, which means that they may request payment before delivery.
    • More detailed invoices: When you download an invoice, you'll be able to view tooling, fees, taxes, and billing schedule on the PDF.
    • No more $0 invoices: Previously, you might have seen $0 invoices generated in circumstances like orders with 0% due up front. Now $0 invoices will no longer be generated.

      Videos on supplier pages

      In addition to photos of factories and work samples, now suppliers can add a video to their profile pages. Video is a great way to start building trust through transparency, right from the start. Suppliers can use video to add a factory tour or a reel of spotlight samples. Adding a profile video is simple. Just copy and paste a link of an existing video in the Photos and video section of the Profile Manager.

      Fixes and updates for customers

      • Use a bank account for your software subscription: Now, customers can pay for their Lumi subscription using a bank account instead of a credit card. To update your payment method go to Settings. Then under the Payment tab, click the Add Bank Account button.
      • Reorders don’t require new proofs: If you’re reordering an item from the same facility, there’s no need to upload a new proof as long as the quote is still valid. There are two ways to reorder an item: You can duplicate the item or duplicate the order.
      • Completed orders close automatically: To streamline the order flow, now orders will close automatically after the supplier has marked all items as fulfilled, and you or the supplier marks the order as delivered or picked up.
      • No more signatures on messages: When you reply to a message thread via email, you'll no longer see email signatures when you view that message thread in the platform.

      Fixes and updates for suppliers

      • Reorders don’t require new proofs: Reorders no longer require a new proof to be approved, as long as the order is placed with the same facility location as the initial order. When a customer reorders an item with a valid quote, you’ll receive the order with the initial proof already attached. When you click to accept the order, you’re agreeing to move forward with the production, and an invoice will automatically be sent to the customer.

      • Completed orders close automatically: Orders will close automatically after you mark all items on an order as fulfilled and the items are marked as delivered or picked up by you or the customer.

      • Editing quotes: Now, quotes can be edited if they're a Draft, Open, or Submitted. Expiration dates on quotes are also editable after they’ve been submitted or ordered.

      • Sort by manufacturing location in orders view: With the new “Manufacturing Location” column, you can easily sort your Orders view by facility. To sort by a column, click on the column header name.

      • No more signatures on messages: When you reply to a message thread via email, you'll no longer see email signatures when you view that message thread in the platform.

        Reply to messages via email

        Whether you're a buyer or supplier, now you can reply to messages directly from your email inbox 🎉

        When you receive an email notification about a message in Lumi, now you can reply directly to that email notification. Your reply will be sent to collaborators on that quote or order, and will also be visible in Lumi.

        Email responses work with attachments too! This makes it easier than ever to keep conversations moving while you're on the go, from your phone or any other device that you use for email.

        Each notification also includes a link back to the conversation in Lumi, so you can quickly access all the documents and history.

        As your team grows and changes, Lumi remains your source of truth across manufacturing projects. All messages — whether they're sent via email or in the platform — are available in Lumi, not siloed in inboxes.

        Small fixes and updates for customers

        • Retracting an order submission: After an order is submitted, but before it’s accepted or rejected, you can retract the submission by clicking Retract on the submitted order page. Retracting the order will move it back into a Draft status, making it editable. The order will not be reviewed until it is resubmitted.
        • Preventing zero quantity on split shipments: Placing big packaging orders can be stressful. To prevent oversight, you will receive an error if they enter “0” as a quantity for part of a split shipment.
        • Marking orders delivered: Now, buyers have the ability to mark orders as delivered, which will close out the order. Here's how to mark orders delivered.

        Small fixes and updates for suppliers

        • Documents are accessible in quotes: Now you can find item documents (dielines, proofs, and more) on the quote page in addition to the opportunities page for each item.
        • Packing document consolidation: Now, when you’re fulfilling an order, you only have to upload one document. We’ve consolidated BOL and Packing List into one field.
        • Accepting orders: For clarity, we’ve renamed the “Acknowledge" button on orders. Now to accept an order, click “Accept.”

        Multi-item quoting

        It's now possible to request quotes for multiple items at the same time!

        When you create a quote request, you can now add as many items as you want. A multi-item request is useful for quoting items that will be produced together, for products that come in multiple sizes, flavors, colors, etc. You can also use multi-item quotes for packaging that contains multiple sub-components like inner boxes and inserts.

        Suppliers will see a multi-item quote request if all the items included match their capabilities. As you add items you'll see how many suppliers can offer all of the items in one quote.

        Additionally, we've made it easier to compare quotes between different items and suppliers at a glance from the quote request page.

        Fixes and improvements for brands

        • Ability to request quotes for multiple items
        • New way to compare multiple quotes in a request
        • Select Styles when creating corrugated item specifications
        • Fixed bug causing incorrect message count on orders

        Fixes and improvements for suppliers

        • Proofs can be downloaded from the order page
        • All quote requests show a "Final destination" address
        • Quote requests can have multiple items
        • Fixed "Share quote link" action
        • Fixed bug causing incorrect message count on orders

        Start creating packaging for free

        We're making it easier to start using Lumi! You can now create an account on Lumi for free to set up your packaging specs and suppliers.

        This makes it easier for you and your team to work through the initial design phase. Once you're ready to request quotes, you can upgrade to a paid plan. Purchase orders and analytics also require a subscription.

        For packaging agencies, this means you can now deliver designs, specifications, dielines and supplier recommendations to your clients on Lumi at no cost.

        Multi-account switching

        Lumi now supports easily switching between company accounts. For Experts, this means you can now easily help multiple clients that use Lumi.

        If your company has several independent teams (e.g. Operations and Marketing), or subsidiaries each using a separate Lumi account, you can now easily switch between them.

          Fixes and improvements for brands

          • Fixed a bug preventing reorders of quotes
          • Fixed mismatch in quote count between dashboard and item page
          • Fixed bug causing closed orders to appear on the dashboard

          Fixes and improvements for suppliers

          • Added the ability to link a Payoneer account in the case where Stripe Connect is not supported in your region
          • Linked quote details on the order page
          • Fixed a bug preventing the acceptance of reorders
          • Various email bug fixes and improvements

          This release includes big improvements to the quoting workflow for brands and suppliers on the new Lumi Platform. We've also added new capabilities for managing and tracking orders.

          Improvements for brands

          • Added instant suggestions that help you improve the response rate on quote requests
          • Added a summary of specs to items on quote requests
          • Added a separate area for uploading production-ready documents to items
          • Simplified the interface for tracking order updates, focused on estimated completion and delivery dates
          • You can now view and download shipment documents including packing lists, BOLs, and proofs of delivery
          • Added estimated and actual delivery date tracking to shipments
          • Improved error warnings in various parts of the application
          Quote request enhancements

          Improvements for suppliers

          • Added quote request filters for annual volume, request date, and expiration date
          • You can now submit quotes for expired requests if you began a draft before the request expired
          • You can now log estimated completion dates and estimated delivery dates on orders
          • New shipment creation workflow, including uploading packing lists, BOLs, proof of delivery, and adding estimated delivery dates
          • Billing for actual shipping costs when a shipment is closed
          Marketplace enhancements

          Lumi Experts: find packaging designers easily

          We’re excited to introduce you to our first Lumi Experts. Lumi Experts is a partnership program for packaging experts (agencies and individuals) that also know their way around the Lumi Platform. Brands can work with experts in-platform for a more streamlined packaging supply chain from end-to-end.

          Some of our launch partners include agencies such as Ferroconcrete, Doris Dev, Fuzzco, Atlason, Guacamole Airplane, The Office of Ordinary Things and Ludlow Kingsley who are behind some of the most innovative and sustainable packaging in the world.

          lumi experts directory

          Lumi members can work with Lumi Experts on any of the following types of projects:

          • Packaging engineering
          • Sustainability consulting
          • Branding and graphic design
          • Industrial design
          • Supply chain and logistics

          To start working with a Lumi Expert:

          1. Browse the Experts directory, filtering by capabilities and/or sustainability strengths.
          2. Pick an Expert based on their work
          3. Contact them through their Lumi Expert page