Reduce Your Packaging Costs: 30 Strategies

July 8, 2020

Our first ebook is now available and it's free! This guide distills our knowledge of reducing packaging costs into thirty strategies illustrated with case studies and examples.

As you optimize your packaging, this guide will provide a handy reference to help you find savings that you may have previously overlooked. More than half of these cost-saving techniques are also key to reducing your environmental footprint.

These thirty strategies have saved companies hundreds of millions of dollars. Some of the case studies include IKEA, Walmart, P&G, Dell and Glossier.

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Consider using cost guide alongside our Sustainability Framework to think about the next evolution of your packaging strategy.

If you discover new ideas, or apply them to your own supply chain let us know! You can find us on Twitter @Lumi.

Innovative brands use Lumi to manage scalable and sustainable packaging.

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