About LÜMI

Hello Kind Stranger!

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn - we love nerding out about the LÜMI’s and want to make sure you are able to use them in a way you’ll be able to get the absolute most out of them! They are not like regular glow sticks - so be prepared for a bit of a different experience!

Paige Whitehead

Founder & CEO of Nyoka Design Labs

Meet The Founder

Paige Whitehead, Founder & CEO of Nyoka Design Labs started the company to solve a problem🌎.  When she first attended Shambhala music festival she felt transformed - she was struggling with depression and anxiety, and felt ‘brought back to life’ by the connection with community, music and dance🌈. This world-class event inspires a sense of  “homecoming” for festival enthusiasts, but the feelings of connection and release were cut short when Paige saw the dumpsters full of garbage and glow sticks littering the festival grounds.  Not only is the event site a precious place for those who enjoy the event,  the site is a family farm the rest of the year!  Paige has a background in Microbiology, Environmental Studies, and Permaculture Design, and an obsession with things that glow; she knows how toxic and harmful to the environment conventional glowsticks are.  She began to channel this knowledge and frustration into action! 🔦🧪

Here’s the problem: Glow sticks are such a symbol of fun and celebration, but their solvents leach into our environment causing harm to our oceans and soil and the hard plastics that have no end-of-life solution🐛.  That means every single glow stick destined to persist in our oceans and landfills for thousands of years.  This is exactly the kind of environmental impact we need to eliminate to have a healthy planet🌎.. Paige felt  spurred into action inspired by the joy she felt from the festival to create a sustainable option. She looked at solving this problem by  matching the passion and innovation that is created in spaces where people can fully express and enjoy themselves. As hard and challenging as life can be on this planet - its 100% worth celebrating!

Here’s the solution: The first market-ready product, the LÜMI, is the worlds’ first reusable, durable, solar powered & battery-free glowstick 🔦🧪. We are on a mission to replace single-use products with sustainable alternatives starting with the billion plastic, toxic glow sticks that are thrown out every single year.  

What brings you those ‘everything is worth it feelings”’ Is it dancing, adventuring, skydiving, exploring🌈.?