About LÜMI

Paige Whitehead, Founder of Nyoka Design Labs and LÜMI Inventor

Paige wants to change the world and have fun doing it. Paige became fascinated with the science of light during her time as a Microbiology and Environmental Studies student at UVic. She is the CEO & Founder of Nyoka Design Labs, an active member of the MIT Global Community Biotechnology Initiative, passionate science educator, and inventor of the Light Wand and LÜMI.  When she's not working on Nyoka, Paige can usually be found out dancing 'way too late' (according to her mother).

Brianna LePiane, LÜMI Product Lead

Brianna is a passionate salesperson who has worked in the sustainable business industry since 2013.  She has experience with a range of companies and companies from compostable packaging to sustainable events and apparel and is the founder of Sustainable Product Sales.  She is a sustainable product specialist and builds product launches and growth strategies for her clients. She loves collaborating and would be delighted to work with you on event and artist collaborations and wholesale opportunities with LÜMI.  

Sabrina Manning, LÜMI Store Manager

Sabrina has been fascinated and inspired by the work of Nyoka Design Labs since its inception, so she was thrilled to join the team to launch its first market-ready product, LÜMI, in February 2021. Fueled by curiosity, Sabrina has spent many years traveling the world. Throughout her adventures she couldn’t help but notice many of the same waste issues taking place in all kinds of different environments around the globe. Sabrina is excited to belong to a team of people who have shifted away from the single use mindset and are working together to create fun, sustainable products for all to enjoy. She appreciates communicating with Lümi customers to make sure they have experiences to be reflected in a glowing review! Outside of work Sabrina can be found transforming wool into a variety of eccentric creatures and characters.