Ollie sources and manages overseas production of injection molded parts with Lumi.

The most integral part of Ollie's new packaging is the Puptainer. A refillable tray that is food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe.

Ollie ships healthy, personalized, dog food. To cut down on shipping volume, material use, and food waste, Ollie shifted to a refill model. Lumi enabled Ollie to upgrade from disposable, single-use trays, to a refillable, injection-molded container.

Ollie Pet Inc. Injection Molded Parts
Ollie Pet Inc. Injection Molded Parts
Ollie Pet Inc. Injection Molded Parts

Ollie uses Lumi software and expertise to speed up their time to market, and focus on their core product — healthy dog food.

To introduce the new packaging seamlessly, Ollie relied on Lumi to find the right factories and iterate through prototypes. At each step, Lumi helped drive the timeline and quality standards required to launch a premium product on time, with full online visibility.

Ollie 3D rendering

Beyond the injection-molded parts, Ollie produces collateral, stickers, and other components using Lumi. These items are sourced from both domestic and overseas factories in the Lumi network.

By centralizing their process in Lumi, the Ollie team collaborates on sourcing, purchasing, producing, and receiving their packaging system in a single online space.

As part of their switch to a refill model, Ollie designed slim, vacuum-sealed packs to ship their dog food. To customize the food packs, Ollie used Lumi to source labels with freezer-grade adhesive that maintains its integrity through the cold chain.

Ollie Pet Inc Injected Molded Parts, Roll Label

“It really helps when you're working with a partner who can take a more macro perspective on the product and help you understand how different pieces fit together.”

Listen to Nancy Walton, Senior Operations Manager at Ollie, share the story of their packaging redesign on the Lumi podcast, Well Made.

Distance, language barriers, and time zones make overseas injection molding projects tricky to manage. Ollie's first production run was even trickier because they had to get out ahead of Lunar New Year — a month-long production hiatus.

Ollie was able to rely on the native-speaking Lumi supply chain team on site at the factory in China to accelerate production ahead of the holiday. The Ollie Puptainer launched right on time.

4 weeks

time saved in production

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