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Instant and accurate answers to packaging questions.

Lumi ID is a digital identification tool that answers a myriad of questions about your packaging with a single QR code.

Give your customers accurate, localized information about how your packaging is made, and how to dispose of it responsibly.


Your sustainability efforts shouldn't end up in a landfill.

Lumi ID provides up-to-date, localized disposal options using the latest best practices.

Every city has its own regulations, which can make it difficult for your customer service team to answer questions accurately. 

Lumi ID is a universal system for every type of packaging including paper, plastic, glass, metal, and more.

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Lumi ID integrates seamlessly with your branding, messaging and product.

It takes one click to generate a Lumi ID that can be printed on any packaging including boxes, envelopes, jars, bottles, cans, tubes, publications, labels and collateral.

As new platform features and best practices become available, your packaging stays accurate without requiring print plate changes.


Supply chain transparency made simple and scalable.

Connects to real data

Lumi IDs are tied to your specs and manufacturing details, giving your customers accurate information about your packaging.

Tells the bigger story

Add your mission and certifications to your Lumi ID, so customers can support your business with confidence.

Easy to update

As best practices change, static marks go out of date. Your Lumi ID data can be updated anytime in seconds.

Company profile
Material specifications
Sustainability properties
Disposal instructions
Manufacturing details

Control and update the information you want to display.

In addition to disposal information, share your company’s environmental mission, link to your sustainability page, and share as much information about your packaging as you’d like. 

Gather insights on the usage of your Lumi ID QR codes.

Get visibility into how frequently people scan your QR codes, time spent on the page, and click throughs to disposal instructions.


Try it out.

Scan this QR code using your camera app. Lumi ID works with any iOS or Android phone.

Lumi ID is compatible with your inventory management system.

Start tracking packaging in your WMS or ERP using the same QR code your customers use.

Your Lumi IDs can be printed on load tags, pallet bays, aisles and bins giving you full traceability into your distribution centers or 3PL. 

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