4 Ways to Minimize the Environmental Impact of Your Packaging

April 16, 2018

One of the best ways to keep the environmental impact of your packaging minimal is to cut down on excess packaging. To ship like a pro while reducing your footprint, consider this checklist of four ways to make your packaging flow more sustainable.

Choose your materials mindfully

For your packaging to be recycled and remade into something new, educate your customers about what it's made of and how to recycle it. It’s also important to think about how special inks and foils affect a material's sustainability. Watch this video to put your recycling knowledge to the test and learn what can and can't be easily recycled.

Smart Sizing

Design with dimensions in mind. If you ship in a box, choose the smallest size possible for your product. Snug packaging uses less material so it creates less waste. A slimmed down package might even eliminate the need for extra void fill and reduce postage costs. In this video, get sizing and packing strategies for a compact fit.

Mind your void fill

Not all void fill is created equal. Some, like tissue and corn-based packing peanuts, are biodegradable, but most hit the bin after unboxing. Choose void fill made from recyclable materials to maximize its potential for a second life, or consider using some of your own post industrial waste. Also, consider how much weight your void fill adds to a package. The heavier a package, the more emissions are created during transit. Watch this video to explore your void fill options and how they affect a package's size and weight.

Prepare for the return trip

Design your packaging so it's equipped for a roundtrip. Easy-to-open features like perforated tear strips make it easy for customers to open packages without damaging the container, and double adhesive strips make it easy to seal for the return trip. In this video, get more return strategies for efficient returns.

Looking to minimize the environmental impact of your packaging? Contact us or request a quote if you would like advice and pricing on sustainable packaging options.

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