Compostable Stand Up Pouches and Compostable Zip Top Bags are the latest additions to the compostable plastic lineup.

Like all materials, compostable plastic has its pros and cons. There are various types of compostable plastic. What most of them have in common is a greater reliance on plant-based sources instead of fossil fuels. But not all compostable plastic is 100% plastic-free.

When compared to paper, compostable plastic (like traditional plastic) is water resistant and has more stretch and flexibility.

But if you're looking for more sustainable disposal options, not all compostable plastics will be a perfect fit. Many compostable plastics are only certified for industrial composting, not home composting. (Ask your supplier for compostability certifications to understand your options.)

If you have questions about compostable plastic check out our Compostable Plastic FAQs.