Reusable. Rechargeable. Non-Toxic.

Introducing the LÜMI, a sustainable glow stick alternative!

Charge. Glow. Repeat.


Did you know? Over a billion glow sticks are thrown out every year. Every single one is single-use plastic and full of toxic chemicals. We made the LÜMI non-toxic and rechargeable so you won't ever have to throw yours away!


"The team loved the LÜMIs and they were especially a hit amongst employees with children!
Everyone loved the idea that it was reusable."

Melissa Lee, Unity Tech, Singapore

"I wear my LÜMI every day. It constantly surprises me when I walk inside after it’s been in the sun because it’s SO BRIGHT!"

Chloe Ribas, LÜMI product tester

"The LÜMI’s are engineered to keep the future bright and sustainable. Excited to see this launch and cant wait for what’s next from this young inventor."

Michael Burtov, Founder & CEO of GeoOrbital, Author of the Evergreen Startup, Vice Chairman of MIT EFT

"We already all have LÜMI bracelets and love them - the new ones we ordered are so we can share the LÜMI love with the cousins as part of their Christmas gift. We love what you are doing and the products you have created!!" 


The journey starts with the land under our very feet where we live, work, play and dance.

LÜMI gives 1% of proceeds to Raven Trust, whose mission is to provide access to justice for Indigenous Nations.