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Natural Kraft Liner

Uncoated, unbleached natural kraft surface.

What is Natural Kraft Liner?

Natural kraft board is the most common material for shipping. Out of all the corrugated board options, natural kraft has the highest potential recycled content, up to 100%. Colors printed on the brown material appear more muted, so if bright, saturated colors are important to your brand, mottled white, bleached white, or Kemi might be worth the extra cost.

Why choose it?

  • The industry standard for shipping boxes, so it’s readily available

  • High recycled content (up to 100%)

  • Bleach-free

  • The most economical pick for corrugated

Why not choose it?

  • When compared to white boards, the natural kraft color can make your design appear less vibrant.

  • The color of natural kraft varies depending on the paper mill

Examples of items that use Natural Kraft Liner